What is PTP (Precision Time) – An Online Training

What is PTP (Precision Time) – An Online Training

Get a deep-dive as well as extent of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) with the online training. It includes the time/clock concepts, software, hardware and various use-cases as well as different Network architectures in small and large deployments.

What is PTP (Precision Time) – An Online Training

This is a paid training with premium content being added continuously. To support this effort, a nominal charge gives you access to this constantly-updated material for a limited duration. Please use the below course-contents and the form to enquire further.

There are some example links that you can browse as you make your request. Each 1-to-1 session is customized to your background and existing knowledge so that you can come up to speed on PTP as soon as possible.

PTP Course Contents:

  • Fundamentals of PTP
    • IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol concepts
    • Master, Slave and Intermediate nodes
    • Timestamping and PTP Event Packets
    • PTP General and Management packets
    • Evolution of PTP protocol
  • The Best Master Clock Algorithm (BMCA)
  • Clock synchronization concepts
  • Comparison – SyncE, NTP, PTP
  • Types of clocks:
  • Clock Modes
    • End-To-End Delay Mechanism
    • Peer-To-Peer Delay Mechanism
    • Clock Steps (1-step and 2-step)
  • Transport Modes
    • Ethernet and IP transports (v4 and v6)
    • Unicast and Multicast transports (and Hybrid)
  • QoS considerations for PTP
  • Multicast consideration for PTP
  • Detailed Protocol Functionality
    • Control Packet Exchange
    • Mandatory Correction Field updates
    • Configuration and Wireshark logs
  • Testing 1588 PTP
  • Multi-hop Network Topologies
    • Full-Path PTP Network
    • Partial PTP Network
    • Packet Delay Variation (PDV) considerations
  • IEEE 1588 (Default) and other profiles
    • Broadcast (SMPTE/AES/R16)
    • Power Profile
    • Telecom
    • Other user-case and verticals (like Industrial)
  • Interactions of NTP and PTP
  • PTP software stacks and drivers


Show your interest or send your requirements and we shall get back:

You shall receive confirmation mail of your request and we shall discuss all the things you require to be covered in the training for a fully customized and efficient experience. A calendar will be shared for selecting your comfortable timing over the week and the length of the training will vary based on the contents to be covered.

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