Case Study: AV-over-IP Las Vegas resort

Las Vegas Resorts


Visionary’s AV-over-IP technology has enabled the flexibility to perform any video and audio routing while standard PoE, a technology unavailable ten years ago, has enabled the deployment of an immense networked AV matrix at a fraction of the cost of traditional AV distribution methods. 

It encompasses almost every portion of the property, with more than 2,000 endpoints and growing. The size and scope of the project brought together multiple AV integrators, each of whom took on specific areas of the massive venture. It’s unique to have this many integrators who were once competitors coming together to put this wonderful project together.


“A critical component in a network AV system is the network. The network at Resorts World Las Vegas includes over 2,000 PacketAV endpoints and 2,000 QLAN channels,” said Reisig. “The number of endpoints continues to grow as we build out the system. It’s a very large, purpose-built network designed to supply one gigabit of non-blocking bandwidth, end to end, to any location on the property with less than a millisecond of latency.”

One of the largest challenges of this project was the scale. The property has nearly 2,000 video endpoints and thousands of loudspeaker channels. I’m not sure it’s possible to distribute those components in any way other than networking. Every system can now reach each other because the audio and video integration are on the same network.


Due to the complexity of the network and the different protocols, including video, QLAN, Dante, AES67, DMX and control, it becomes critical to segregate the traffic for effective network management.

We have over 150 televisions in the theatres. The ability to put the content onto the network and run a single CAT5 cable allows us to simplify the system. We have Visionary endpoints almost everywhere because Visionary allows us to take a signal from any location and transmit it to anywhere on the property.


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