Quick Start


Thankyou for considering to use the Todo & Journaling Browser Plugin. In a quick few steps, let us get you started:

  • STEP 1: PIN it first:
    On the top-right, click on “Extensions” icon (usually located to the Left of your Chrome Profile name and under the Minimize icon), and:
    • Scroll down to the Todo/Journaling plugin
    • Click on the PIN button
    • This will bring its ICON out for easy access

  • Step 2: Settings (Plugin > Options on Top-Right):
    Some quick settings for personalization:
    • Notification: Click to enable / disable
      Chrome will ask permissions for displaying Notifications, click Yes
    • Registration: Click to register the plugin (free)
      The Chrome Browser will ask for using your Email address for registration with AVCHRONO website. Avchrono.com is the owner and developer of the Todo plugin. Note that, only your usage and analytics of the tool is shared, not the data you write in the Todo/Journal. It helps make the tool better by indicating the most used features or any errors.
    • Other Personalization:
      The following settings can be changed, to suit your unique personality and needs:
      • Color Theme
      • List Names
      • Font Family
      • Font Size
        The setting will apply only if you have “Registered” the plugin.
    • Watch for Quick Usage Guide